New reward available: Pizza Hut Gift Code

Dear Toluna Influencers,

We’re pleased to announce that we have added a new reward option in the Rewards Centre. Convert 47,500 Toluna points to receive a Pizza Hut e-gift card worth 500 INR.

From pizza to sides, desserts, drinks and more, Pizza Hut gives you too many reasons to not indulge in the drooling slices. Use Pizza Hut Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards to treat yourself with cheese-filled love every now and then!

How to use:

1. Use outlet locater to locate the nearest Pizza Hut store around you that accepts this voucher.

2. Inform the cashier about the Gift Voucher before ordering food.

3. Order food & enjoy your meal.

4. Provide the Gift Voucher to the cashier at the time of billing & pay remaining amount by card or cash if any.

Terms & Conditions:

1. This is a Yum! Restaurants Instant Gift Card (Voucher) and would be accepted at listed outlets.  (For outlet list, please visit )

2. For home delivery orders, quote your voucher code at the time of placing your order.

3. Gift Cards (Vouchers) will be accepted across all outlets mentioned, but Yum Restaurants / it’s authorized franchisees at its sole discretion may add or remove an outlet from the list without giving any prior notice.

4. More than one Gift Cards (Vouchers) can be used in one bill.

5. One Gift Card (Voucher) CANNOT be used multiple times.

6. Gift Cards (Vouchers) CANNOT be used online.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new reward option. Stay tuned, as we hope to add new and exciting rewards in the near future!

Keep Influencing Your World,

The Toluna Team

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