#WeAsk | How have Toluna Influencers across the APAC region reacted to the coronavirus

Hello Influencers,

News and policies to contain and fight the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak are changing every day, and have been escalating in the past two weeks globally. Governments and citizens of Asian countries have been responding and preparing since early February, and between 21-23 February we surveyed each of our 14 communities in the Asia Pacific region to determine how people in the region have been affected by the outbreak. We thought it would be interesting to compare responses across all countries.

If you are interested in seeing the detailed results, we’ve compiled a booklet here.

Has your opinion and behaviour regarding the outbreak changed, in light of recent events such as travel bans, public gathering bans, self-isolation policies, school closures etc.? Share your opinions with us on Toluna!

Keep Influencing Your World,
Toluna Team

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