#TolunaWins – Get bonus points just by sharing a photo or video of your rewards

#TolunaWinsHello Toluna Influencers,

#TolunaWins is a way for you to earn extra bonus points for sharing your Toluna winnings. Simply redeem your points for our gifts on the Rewards Centre, once you have received your rewards (PayPal cash or e-vouchers), post it on the Toluna Community and other social medias in the form of a photo or video!


How it works:

  1. Let’s say you received a Flipkart 500 INR e-voucher code from Toluna, and then you use this code to buy a headphone on Flipkart website.
  2. Take a picture of your new headphone, and then create a topic on in.toluna.com and other social medias. (Set it as public post so we can search it)
  3. Remember to use the #TolunaWins hashtag as the title
  4. In your post content, please mention the reward name you redeemed, when is the redemption date, when you received the reward from Toluna, and a short description of your products.


For inspiration, here are some posts that have earned extra bonus points:

It’s as easy as that, what are you waiting for? Share your winnings now!

Tips and Rules:

  • Please wait up to 2 weeks for points crediting because we check posts manually.
  • You may get 100-1,000 points after the evaluation is completed.
  • Each member can get maximum 1,000 bonus points per month.
  • Please take your own photo/video, do not just google images.
  • Please only create topics for the latest redemption you have received.
  • Toluna reserves the rights to withhold awarding Points to you.


Keep Influencing Your World,

The Toluna Team

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