Toluna Mango Ninja 2019

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Hello Toluna Influencers,

In India, summer time means mango time! We just launched a new game for all mango lovers. Introducing TOLUNA MANGO NINJA – Slice as many mangoes as you can!

We will give away a total of 215,000 Toluna points to 60 winners from this game. Reach the top of the game’s leaderboard and complete surveys between 1-30 Jun to win!

How to participate:

(To access this, go to the Games page by clicking on “Games” under the “Community” drop-down menu.)

  • Enter your Toluna email address to play so that we can trace the score records.
  • You need to complete at least 1 survey between 1-30 June to be eligible.
  • The more surveys you complete + the higher rank = More bonus points.

Winner’s Prize:

Are you a game master? Reach the top of the game’s leaderboard and complete surveys between 1-30 Jun to win!

Leaderboard position No. of surveys completed Bonus points
1st to 5th 5 or more 10,000
6th to 15th 3 or more 5,000
16th to 30th 2 or more 3,000
31st to 50th 1 or more 1,000

Not addicted to play game? We also have a special prize for the top 10 panelists who had completed the highest number of surveys in June and participated this game at least once!

No. of winners No. of surveys completed Bonus points
10 Highest in June 5,000

Rules and Tips:

  1. Game lasts 60 seconds and there is no limit on the number of game play, keep playing to challenge yourself!
  2. You have 5 hearts. Hears will decrease if you miss mangoes.
  3. Game will end if you run out of hearts or slice other fruits.
  4. This game will be available until 30th June 2019.
  5. This is for members who registered on Toluna’s India panel only.
  6. Profile Surveys on the Toluna website do not count – they are there to help us find the surveys that are right for you.
  7. We will announce the winners on the Toluna website, blog, Facebook page and Magazine in July. Toluna points will be added to the winners’ account directly within 7 days after the announcement.


Keep Influencing Your World,

The Toluna Team

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