Happy 2019 New Year Game – Toluna MatchMania!


Hello Toluna Influencers,

Let’s play the 2019 New Year Game! We will give away a total of 140,000 Toluna points to 90 winners who complete at least 2 surveys between 14-31 Jan.

(To access this, go to the Games page by clicking on “Games” under the “Community” drop-down menu.)

Simply match 3 or more of the same items in a row before time runs out. There are 3 levels, and you could win points by being among the top scorers on each level.

The top 50 members with the highest scores on this level will get 1000 points each.

The top 30 members with the highest scores on this level will get 2000 points each.

The top 10 members with the highest scores on this level will get 3000 points each.

Rules and Tips:
1. You need to complete at least 2 surveys between 14-31 Jan to be eligible.

2. This game will be available until 31st January 2019. (You can only play once a day)

3. Profile Surveys on the Toluna website do not count – they are there to help us find the surveys that are right for you.

4. This is for members who registered on Toluna’s India panel only.

5. We will announce the winners on the Toluna website, blog, Facebook page and Magazine in February. Toluna points will be added to the winners’ account directly within 7 days after the announcement.



Q1. What is the score I need to achieve in order to enter the next level?

Answer: You can see the ‘Goal’ under ‘Time’ during game play.
From Level 1 to Level 2, you need 10,000 scores.
From Level 2 to Level 3, you need 20,000 scores.

Q2. How to enter to the next level?

Answer: Once you have hit the goal after game play, you will see a message like this.
Click the [NEXT LEVEL] button to enter to the next level.


Q3. How many times I can play? Where to see my score record?

Answer: You can play once a day. Everyday you will start from level 1 again, but no worries, the game system will auto update the highest score you achieved, so remember to enter your correct Toluna email address so we can keep track and update your personal record.

Q4. How do I know other’s score?

Answer: We will publish the leaderboard on Toluna irregularly before campaign end (31st Jan). You may see that some members in Level 1 have a higher scores than Level 2. It is because they didn’t clicked the [NEXT LEVEL] after they finished Level 1.

Keep Influencing Your World,

The Toluna Team

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