Toluna India Christmas Photo Contest 2018


Hello Toluna Influencers,

It’s beginning to look a lot like our favourite time of the year! What do you like to do during Christmas time?

One of the many things we love about Christmas is TAKING PHOTOS! We are looking forward to seeing festive, joyous and funny Christmas photos which are typical in your living area. We will give away a total of 100,000 Toluna points to 20 winners who complete at least 2 surveys between 10-30 Dec. Without further ado, let’s begin!


How to participate:

1. Take a photo which is related to Christmas. (Christmas gifts, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, Christmas foods, Santa, etc)

2. Think of a funny short description as caption. (Max. 40 words)

3. Send an email to this email address:

4. Follow the instructions below when you send the email:
• Use your registered Toluna email address to send us an email (so that we know who you are)
• Send your photo as an attachment (Send only 1 photo)
• Include your caption in the email body text (Don’t send us empty email content)
• Use this email subject [Toluna India Christmas Photo Contest 2018]

5. After you sent the email to us, leave a comment at here with your email sent date, for example: I submitted my photo on 25th Dec 2018.

6. You must complete at least 2 surveys from 10th to 30th Dec 2018 to be eligible.


Rules and Tips:

1. This topic will close on 31st Dec 2018.

2. We will randomly select 20 winners to win 5000 Toluna points each.

3. Profile Surveys on the Toluna website do not count – they are there to help us find the surveys that are right for you. Be sure to keep the information in your profile surveys up-to-date, in order to be eligible for more surveys.

4. We will announce the winners on the Toluna website, blog, Facebook page and Magazine in the month of Jan 2019. Toluna points will be added to the winners’ account directly within 7 days after the announcement.

5. Contest open only to members registered on Toluna’s India panel.

6. All members can participate ONCE only. Please do not send multiple emails to us.

7. Please take your own photo, do not just google images. Photo that is downloaded from the internet will be disqualified.

Keep Influencing Your World,
The Toluna Team

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