Toluna Millionaire Winners – August week 2


Hello Toluna Influencers,

We are increasing the number of members who are becoming Toluna Millionaire!

Here is the latest update of winners of Daily Toluna Millionaire.

7 Aug 2018 – Wendy-M (South Africa)
8 Aug 2018 – casqueaboulon (France)
9 Aug 2018 – Ers_ (Indonesia)
10 Aug 2018 – penedo.fmg (Portugal)
11 Aug 2018 – umin01 (Korea)
12 Aug 2018 – Rossy1994 (Mexico)
13 Aug 2018 – 2Birobiro (Italy)

Congratulations to our lucky winners who were chosen and drawn globally.

Please note that you can regularly (daily) check and see the winners here:


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Keep Influencing Your World,

The Toluna Team

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