Which country has the greatest people? -India Does It Better Mission 

South African Elon Musk, in our opinion, is an extraordinary person. He’s a hardworking entrepreneur who founded a number of diverse and highly successful companies – from online payments to space travel. His way of convincing others about the future he believes in, and how his companies have revolutionised the world, are the reasons for us to choose Musk as one of the greatest people alive from South Africa.

But we understand that naming one person as the most influential is more a matter of personal preference than fact, so we want to know your opinion. For this mission, write a Topic telling us who you think is the greatest living person from your country and what makes them so fascinating.

To participate in this mission, please follow these simple rules:

♣ Create a Topic with your contribution
♣ Add the letters « DIB » in front of the title (e.g.: DIB – Elon Musk, King of Mars)
♣ Complete the mission by 25th March at 23:59

Remember: By joining India Does It Better competition, you may earn 3000 points each week and a chance to win up to 10€ voucher value in Toluna points!

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