Mobile top up- Available operators

Hello Toluna India Influencers,

We are happy that many influencers like our new reward option ‘Mobile top up’.

Please note that some mobile operators may not be covered, which may result in cancellation of your redemption.

Please kindly refer below available operators list for Mobile top up reward.

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Aircel Andhra Pradesh India
Aircel Assam India
Aircel Bihar India
Aircel Chennai India
Aircel Delhi India
Aircel Gujarat India
Aircel Haryana India
Aircel HP India
Aircel India
Aircel JK India
Aircel Karnataka India
Aircel Kerala India
Aircel Kolkata India
Aircel Maharashtra India
Aircel Mumbai India
Aircel North East India
Aircel Orissa India
Aircel Punjab India
Aircel Rajasthan India
Aircel Tamil Nadu India
Aircel Uttar Pradesh East India
Aircel Uttar Pradesh West India
Aircel West Bengal India
Airtel Andhra Pradesh India
Airtel Assam
Airtel Assam India
Airtel Bihar India
Airtel Chennai India
Airtel Delhi India
Airtel Gujarat India
Airtel Haryana India
Airtel Himachal Pradesh India
Airtel India
Airtel Jammu and Kashmir India
Airtel Karnataka India
Airtel Kerala India
Airtel Kolkata India
Airtel Maharashtra
Airtel Maharashtra India
Airtel MP and Chattisgarh India
Airtel Mumbai India
Airtel North East India
Airtel Orissa India
Airtel Punjab India
Airtel Rajasthan India
Airtel Tamil Nadu India
Airtel UP West and Uttarakhand India
Airtel Uttar Pradesh East India
Airtel West Bengal India
Amazon India
Bata Voucher India
Big Bazaar Voucher India
BookMyShow Voucher India
Bsnl Andhra Pradesh India
Bsnl Assam India
Bsnl Bangalore India
Bsnl Bengal India
Bsnl Bihar and Jharkhand India
Bsnl Chennai India
Bsnl Delhi Metro India
Bsnl Gujarat India
Bsnl Haryana India
Bsnl Himachal Pradesh India
BSNL India
Bsnl Jammu and Kashmir India
Bsnl Karnataka India
Bsnl Kerala India
Bsnl Kolkata Metro India
Bsnl Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh India
Bsnl Maharashtra India
Bsnl Mumbai Metro India
Bsnl North East India India
Bsnl Orissa India
Bsnl Punjab India
Bsnl Rajasthan India
Bsnl Tamil Nadu India
Bsnl Uttar Pradesh East India
Bsnl Uttar Pradesh West India
Bsnl West Bengal India
Cleartrip Voucher India
Croma Voucher India
Dominos Voucher India
DTH Airtel India
DTH Dish TV India
DTH Reliance BIG TV India
DTH Sun Direct India
DTH Tata-Sky India
DTH Videocon India
Etisalat Andhra Pradesh India
Etisalat Assam India
Etisalat Bangalore India
Etisalat Bengal India
Etisalat Bihar and Jharkhand India
Etisalat Chennai India
Etisalat Delhi Metro India
Etisalat Gujarat India
Etisalat Haryana India
Etisalat Himachal Pradesh India
Etisalat India
Etisalat Jammu and Kashmir India
Etisalat Karnataka India
Etisalat Kerala India
Etisalat Kolkata Metro India
Etisalat Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh India
Etisalat Maharashtra India
Etisalat Mumbai Metro India
Etisalat North East India India
Etisalat Orissa India
Etisalat Punjab India
Etisalat Rajasthan India
Etisalat Tamil Nadu India
Etisalat Uttar Pradesh East India
Etisalat Uttar Pradesh West India
Etisalat West Bengal India
Fascel Celforce Andhra Pradesh India
Fascel Celforce Assam India
Fascel Celforce Bangalore India
Fascel Celforce Bengal India
Fascel Celforce Bihar and Jharkhand India
Fascel Celforce Chennai India
Fascel Celforce Delhi Metro India
Fascel Celforce Gujarat India
Fascel Celforce Haryana India
Fascel Celforce Himachal Pradesh India
Fascel Celforce India
Fascel Celforce Jammu and Kashmir India
Fascel Celforce Karnataka India
Fascel Celforce Kerala India
Fascel Celforce Kolkata Metro India
Fascel Celforce Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh India
Fascel Celforce Maharashtra India
Fascel Celforce Mumbai Metro India
Fascel Celforce North East India India
Fascel Celforce Orissa India
Fascel Celforce Punjab India
Fascel Celforce Rajasthan India
Fascel Celforce Tamil Nadu India
Fascel Celforce Uttar Pradesh East India
Fascel Celforce Uttar Pradesh West India
Fascel Celforce West Bengal India
Fastrack Voucher India
Flipkart India
IDEA Andhra Pradesh India
IDEA Assam India
IDEA Bihar India
IDEA Delhi India
IDEA Gujarat
IDEA Gujarat India
IDEA Haryana India
IDEA Himachal Pradesh India
IDEA India
IDEA Jammu & Kashmir India
IDEA Karnataka India
IDEA Kerala India
IDEA Kolkata India
IDEA Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh India
IDEA Maharashtra India
IDEA Maharastra
IDEA Mumbai India
IDEA Orissa India
IDEA Punjab India
IDEA Rajasthan India
IDEA Tamil Nadu India
IDEA Uttar Pradesh East India
IDEA Uttar Pradesh West India
IDEA West Bengal India
Joyalukkas Diamond Voucher India
Joyalukkas Voucher India
KFC Voucher India
Lifestyle Voucher India
Loop Mobile Andhra Pradesh India
Loop Mobile Assam India
Loop Mobile Bangalore India
Loop Mobile Bengal India
Loop Mobile Bihar and Jharkhand India
Loop Mobile Chennai India
Loop Mobile Delhi Metro India
Loop Mobile Gujarat India
Loop Mobile Haryana India
Loop Mobile Himachal Pradesh India
Loop Mobile India
Loop Mobile Jammu and Kashmir India
Loop Mobile Karnataka India
Loop Mobile Kerala India
Loop Mobile Kolkata Metro India
Loop Mobile Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh India
Loop Mobile Maharashtra India
Loop Mobile Mumbai Metro India
Loop Mobile North East India India
Loop Mobile Orissa India
Loop Mobile Punjab India
Loop Mobile Rajasthan India
Loop Mobile Tamil Nadu India
Loop Mobile Uttar Pradesh East India
Loop Mobile Uttar Pradesh West India
Loop Mobile West Bengal India
MakeMyTrip Voucher India
MTNL Andhra Pradesh India
MTNL Assam India
MTNL Bangalore India
MTNL Bengal India
MTNL Bihar and Jharkhand India
MTNL Chennai India
MTNL Delhi India
MTNL Gujarat India
MTNL Haryana India
MTNL Himachal Pradesh India
MTNL India
MTNL Jammu and Kashmir India
MTNL Karnataka India
MTNL Kerala India
MTNL Kolkata Metro India
MTNL Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh India
MTNL Maharashtra India
MTNL Mumbai India
MTNL North East India India
MTNL Orissa India
MTNL Punjab India
MTNL Rajasthan India
MTNL Tamil Nadu India
MTNL Uttar Pradesh East India
MTNL Uttar Pradesh West India
MTNL West Bengal India
MTS Andhra Pradesh India
MTS Assam India
MTS Bangalore India
MTS Bengal India
MTS Bihar and Jharkhand India
MTS Chennai India
MTS Delhi Metro India
MTS Gujarat India
MTS Haryana India
MTS Himachal Pradesh India
MTS India
MTS Jammu and Kashmir India
MTS Karnataka India
MTS Kerala India
MTS Kolkata Metro India
MTS Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh India
MTS Maharashtra India
MTS Mumbai Metro India
MTS North East India India
MTS Orissa India
MTS Punjab India
MTS Rajasthan India
MTS Tamil Nadu India
MTS Uttar Pradesh East India
MTS Uttar Pradesh West India
MTS West Bengal India
Pantaloons Voucher India
Pizza Hut Voucher India
Reliance CDMA Andhra Pradesh India
Reliance CDMA Bihar India
Reliance CDMA Chennai India
Reliance CDMA Delhi India
Reliance CDMA Gujarat India
Reliance CDMA Haryana India
Reliance CDMA Himachal Pradesh India
Reliance CDMA India
Reliance CDMA Jammu & Kashmir India
Reliance CDMA Karnataka India
Reliance CDMA Kerala India
Reliance CDMA Kolkata India
Reliance CDMA Madhya Pradesh India
Reliance CDMA Maharashtra India
Reliance CDMA Mumbai India
Reliance CDMA Orissa India
Reliance CDMA Punjab India
Reliance CDMA Rajasthan India
Reliance CDMA Tamil Nadu India
Reliance CDMA UP East India
Reliance CDMA UP West India
Reliance CDMA West Bengal India
Reliance GSM Andhra Pradesh India
Reliance GSM Assam India
Reliance GSM Bihar & Jharkhand India
Reliance GSM Chennai India
Reliance GSM Delhi India
Reliance GSM Gujarat India
Reliance GSM Haryana India
Reliance GSM Himachal Pradesh India
Reliance GSM India
Reliance GSM Jammu & Kashmir India
Reliance GSM Karnataka India
Reliance GSM Kerala India
Reliance GSM Kolkata India
Reliance GSM Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh India
Reliance GSM Maharashtra India
Reliance GSM Mumbai India
Reliance GSM North East India
Reliance GSM Orissa India
Reliance GSM Punjab India
Reliance GSM Rajasthan India
Reliance GSM Tamil Nadu India
Reliance GSM UP East India
Reliance GSM UP West India
Reliance GSM West Bengal India
Reliance India
Reliance Jio India
Reliance Jio India AP and Telangana
Reliance Jio India Assam
Reliance Jio India Bihar and Jharkhand
Reliance Jio India Delhi
Reliance Jio India Gujarat
Reliance Jio India Haryana
Reliance Jio India HP
Reliance Jio India Jammu and Kashmir
Reliance Jio India Karnataka
Reliance Jio India Kerala
Reliance Jio India Kolkata
Reliance Jio India Maharashtra and Goa
Reliance Jio India MP and Chhattisgarh
Reliance Jio India Mumbai
Reliance Jio India NE
Reliance Jio India Odisha
Reliance Jio India Punjab
Reliance Jio India Rajasthan
Reliance Jio India TN
Reliance Jio India UPE
Reliance Jio India UPW and Uttarakhand
Reliance Jio India West Bengal
Reliance(Dhanbad-Bihar Circle)
Shoppers Stop Voucher India
Spice Punjab
STel India
Tata Docomo Andhra Pradesh India
Tata Docomo Assam India
Tata Docomo Bangalore India
Tata Docomo Bengal India
Tata Docomo Bihar India
Tata Docomo CDMA Andhra Pradesh India
Tata Docomo CDMA Bihar India
Tata Docomo CDMA Chhattisgarh India
Tata Docomo CDMA Gujarat India
Tata Docomo CDMA Haryana India
Tata Docomo CDMA Himachal Pradesh India
Tata Docomo CDMA Jharkhand India
Tata Docomo CDMA Karnataka India
Tata Docomo CDMA Kerala India
Tata Docomo CDMA Kolkata India
Tata Docomo CDMA Madhya Pradesh India
Tata Docomo CDMA Maharashtra & Goa India
Tata Docomo CDMA Mumbai India
Tata Docomo CDMA Orissa India
Tata Docomo CDMA Punjab India
Tata Docomo CDMA Rajasthan India
Tata Docomo CDMA Tamil Nadu India
Tata Docomo CDMA UP East India
Tata Docomo CDMA UP West India
Tata Docomo CDMA West Bengal India
Tata Docomo Chennai India
Tata Docomo Chhattisgarh India
Tata Docomo Delhi India
Tata Docomo Gujarat India
Tata Docomo Haryana India
Tata Docomo Himachal Pradesh India
Tata Docomo India
Tata Docomo Jammu and Kashmir India
Tata Docomo Jharkhand India
Tata Docomo Karnataka India
Tata Docomo Kerala India
Tata Docomo Kolkata India
Tata Docomo Madhya Pradesh India
Tata Docomo Maharashtra India
Tata Docomo Mumbai India
Tata Docomo North East India India
Tata Docomo Orissa India
Tata Docomo Punjab India
Tata Docomo Rajasthan India
Tata Docomo Tamil Nadu India
Tata Docomo UP West India
Tata Docomo Uttar Pradesh East India
Tata Docomo Uttar Pradesh East India
Tata Docomo West Bengal India
Tata India
Tata Indicom India
Telenor Andhra Pradesh India
Telenor Assam India
Telenor Bihar India
Telenor Delhi Metro India
Telenor Gujarat India
Telenor Haryana India
Telenor Himachal Pradesh India
Telenor India
Telenor Jammu and Kashmir India
Telenor Karnataka India
Telenor Kerala India
Telenor Kolkata Metro India
Telenor Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh India
Telenor Maharashtra & Goa India
Telenor Mumbai Metro India
Telenor North East India India
Telenor Orissa India
Telenor Punjab India
Telenor Rajasthan India
Telenor Tamil Nadu India
Telenor UP East India
Telenor UP West India
Telenor West Bengal India
Viber USD India
Videocon Andhra Pradesh India
Videocon Assam India
Videocon Bangalore India
Videocon Bengal India
Videocon Bihar India
Videocon Chennai India
Videocon Delhi Metro India
Videocon GSM India
Videocon Gujarat India
Videocon Haryana India
Videocon Jammu and Kashmir India
Videocon Karnataka India
Videocon Kerala India
Videocon Kolkata Metro India
Videocon Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh India
Videocon Madhya Pradesh India
Videocon Maharashtra India
Videocon Mumbai Metro India
Videocon North East India India
Videocon Orissa India
Videocon Punjab India
Videocon Rajasthan India
Videocon Tamil Nadu India
Videocon UP East India
Videocon Uttar Pradesh West India
Videocon West Bengal India
Virgin Mobile GSM Andhra Pradesh India
Virgin Mobile GSM Assam India
Virgin Mobile GSM Bangalore India
Virgin Mobile GSM Bengal India
Virgin Mobile GSM Bihar and Jharkhand India
Virgin Mobile GSM Chennai India
Virgin Mobile GSM Delhi Metro India
Virgin Mobile GSM Gujarat India
Virgin Mobile GSM Haryana India
Virgin Mobile GSM Himachal Pradesh India
Virgin Mobile GSM India
Virgin Mobile GSM Jammu and Kashmir India
Virgin Mobile GSM Karnataka India
Virgin Mobile GSM Kerala India
Virgin Mobile GSM Kolkata Metro India
Virgin Mobile GSM Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh India
Virgin Mobile GSM Maharashtra India
Virgin Mobile GSM Mumbai Metro India
Virgin Mobile GSM North East India India
Virgin Mobile GSM Orissa India
Virgin Mobile GSM Punjab India
Virgin Mobile GSM Rajasthan India
Virgin Mobile GSM Tamil Nadu India
Virgin Mobile GSM Uttar Pradesh East India
Virgin Mobile GSM Uttar Pradesh West India
Virgin Mobile GSM West Bengal India
Vodafone Andhra Pradesh India
Vodafone Assam India
Vodafone Bangalore India
Vodafone Bengal India
Vodafone Bihar India
Vodafone Chennai India
Vodafone Delhi India
Vodafone Gujarat India
Vodafone Haryana India
Vodafone Himachal Pradesh India
Vodafone India
Vodafone Jammu & Kashmir India
Vodafone Karnataka India
Vodafone Kerala India
Vodafone Kolkata India
Vodafone Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh India
Vodafone Maharashtra India
Vodafone Mumbai India
Vodafone North East India
Vodafone Orissa India
Vodafone Punjab India
Vodafone Rajasthan India
Vodafone Tamil Nadu India
Vodafone Uttar Pradesh East India
Vodafone Uttar Pradesh West India
Vodafone West Bengal India
Westside Voucher India

If you have any inquiry regarding mobile top up, please kidnly contact us.

Toluna Team

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