Community Spotlight – Should cell phones be banned within schools?

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Welcome to our latest Community Spotlight feature*. We have found some interesting and engaging discussions among our Indian members lately. This time we have chosen SUBHASH7‘s topic, which simply asks whether or not cell phones should be banned in schools. Feel free to join the discussion here.

It seems a large majority of members who contributed to this topic believe that cell phones should in fact be banned in schools. The trend in today’s modern society is that cell phones are a must-have item among teenagers. Even if they are banned from schools, teenagers would most likely continue to use them without their teachers’ knowing. Why do you think they should or should not be banned? Here are some of the comments from our community members:

sonu2002in – yes, or otherwise no one will study. Do check ur emails and do chatting at home

psanasangma – My opinion says that big Yes. It is better not to allow them to use smart phone in School. Because students from school are just in tender age. Teachers and Parent should make them to understand about the using of new technologies so that unwanted bullies, accessing to porn and unwanted news via internet could be avoided. The best idea would be keeping away from smart phone and more accessible to other productive and gaining more knowledge which could reflect in their studies in positive and constructive ways.

bhuppipinku – No … this is not good!!

Thank you to our Featured User, SUBHASH7, and all of this topic’s contributors. Keep on posting, and you could be the Featured User in our next Community Spotlight!… although, if you are still in school, remember that your first priority should be to focus on your studies 😉

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