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Dear Members,

Welcome to another Community Spotlight feature*. This time around, we have chosen a different type of topic to be in the Spotlight. Member psanasangma has posted a topic asking for help with rewards on Toluna, and we notice from time to time that other members have the same concerns. Therefore, we though that this would be a great opportunity to clarify your issues about our rewards.


Monthly Sweepstakes/prize draw: The first thing to know is that points will only be rewarded for successfully completed surveys. If you are screened-out from a survey, or do not complete it successfully, you will receive an automatic free entry into our monthly sweepstakes/prize draw. However, you may want to increase your chances of winning in the monthly sweepstakes by purchasing additional entries with your points. These are available in the Rewards Centre (under the section titled “Winner takes all”) for 500 points per entry. Each month’s draw is held during the first week of the following month – e.g September’s draw will take place during the first week of October. Winners are selected randomly from all eligible entries during that month, and entries from all around the world are pooled for the drawing. The number of eligible entries for the sweepstakes will determine the odds of winning.

Gifties: All Gifties are displayed along the top of the Rewards Centre page. Gifties are virtual gifts with the possibility of becoming real. Our Gifties system works similar to a prize draw or sweepstakes. After you purchase or receive a Giftie, you have to click on the “Real or not real” button.

If you receive the message that the Giftie is real, you’ll get it shipped straight to your door and the message “Winner” will be posted on your profile.

If however, you receive the message “Your Gifties has stayed virtual” it means that for the moment you are not among the gifties winners.

Vouchers and Payments: If you do not want to risk your points on the sweepstakes entries or Gifties, you can save them until you have enough to redeem for the e-vouchers or PayPal cash shown in the “Vouchers and Payments” section of the Rewards Centre.

When you click on a reward option, you will see a pop-up window with more information about that option, the number of points required, and how to redeem.

Please note that all vouchers are e-vouchers (not physical vouchers), and the voucher codes are delivered electronically to your account. You will NOT receive email confirmation of when the voucher details have been delivered to your account, so you will need to check your account for the voucher. In general, it can take up to 4 weeks from the date of your redemption request for the voucher details to appear in your account.

To check the e-voucher codes in your account, click “Your Rewards” found on the main dashboard next to your profile image and points summary.

The default landing page is set to display activity from only the past month, therefore you may need to widen the date range by clicking on the date boxes at the top of the page to include the date that you made the redemption. Don’t forget to click the “Show” button.

We hope that this tutorial clears up some of your questions about how to redeem and receive rewards. Thank you to our Featured User, psanasangma, and all of this topic’s contributors for raising this query with us.

See you soon

The Toluna Team

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