Community Spotlight: Addiction to modern day gadgets

Dear Members,

It’s time again for a new Community Spotlight feature*. Without the Internet and technology, Toluna wouldn’t be here today, and we wouldn’t be here publishing this post. This is why we have chosen aeraaf‘s topic, which asks whether addiction to modern day gadgets is good or bad. Feel free to join the discussion here.

Your opinions on this seem quite split. About half of the comments suggest that it is a bad thing, while the other half say that it’s good. It would be great if you could elaborate further and write about why you think this is a good thing or a bad thing – we’d love to read your opinions! Here are some of the comments from our community members:

poonamdedhia – addiction for any thing is bad

Adityakumar – Definitely good. It is not the question of addiction. It is the question on how well these modern gadgets can be put to use.

sonu2002in – both.

We agree that our dependence on modern day gadgets and technology can be both good and bad, and using these in moderation is the key. Remember that it’s important to look away from your phone or your computer once in a while, and spend time with the real people around you.

Thank you to our Featured User, aeraaf, and all of this topic’s contributors. Keep on posting, and you could be the Featured User in our next Community Spotlight!

See you soon

The Toluna Team

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