Community Spotlight: Should India be divided into smaller states?

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Welcome to another Community Spotlight feature*. There have been a lot of polls and topics recently about the issue of creating new and smaller states in India. While we appreciate all members who have posted about this, we were particularly drawn to raghav4u2006‘s topic, which received a large number of comments, and simply asks whether it is right to divide the country into smaller states. Feel free to join the discussion here.

It seems the general consensus in reply to this question is “no” (it is not right). However, there are some good points made by members on both sides of the fence. Here are some of the comments from our community members:

ravikiran.dodamani – It depends. sometimes it improves sometimes it create extra disputes between states. Its better they don’t divide.

naganath – Politically dividing in to smaller states is of no use. By splitting the states they are further disrupting the humanity and brotherhood between humans. They are further creating difference between our own kind. Just by spitting the states isn’t going to be enough to stop the problems related to agriculture, economy, natural calamities, so on. There are other issues in our country that need more attention like employment, education, drought, poverty, pollution, justice system etc.

som224 – NO……..NOT AT ALL 

ntrust.j – India is a vast country and dividing it for best administrative purposes, not politics, is desirable.

A big thank you goes out to our Featured User, raghav4u2006, and all of this topic’s contributors. No matter what opinion you have on this subject, it is always important to stay informed about national issues. For our next Community Spotlight, we should consider something more light-hearted, so feel free to post anything that interest you and you could be the next Featured User.

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