A New Facebook Page for Our Indian Community



Dear Members,

We’ve created a new Facebook fan page just for you, our Indian Community, and it’s now officially up and running! Be sure to visit and Like us in order to get our latest news and updates, as well as take part in special promotions as they happen.

We’ll also be posting interesting and popular content from our website, plus anything else that’s relevant to Indians. Connect with us and join the discussion!

See you soon on Toluna.com and Facebook!

The Toluna Team


5 responses to “A New Facebook Page for Our Indian Community”

  1. manisha says :

    have been part of toluna community for past five months.experience was good and hope it would improve with time.

  2. m.srinivasu says :

    it’s very good, for our members.

  3. ingochaocha says :

    i like it very charming.

  4. Pal Singh Sinwer says :

    I Like your blog ,this is great….

  5. vasumathi says :

    it is great!!!

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