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Dear Members,

In 2011 Toluna is increasing its content moderation on the site in an effort to promote quality polls & opinions. We would like to explain how the moderation process works, and offer some tips to help you avoid having any of your content removed from the site.

Why are polls and topics deleted?

There are several reasons that could lead the moderators to delete a poll or topic from the site:

• Any form of advertising or self promotion. This includes “earn money online with this website”.
• Any violation of Toluna’s terms and conditions with a very strong emphasis on any kind of abusive content
• Plagiarised content that has been copied and pasted from another member or website
• Spelling and grammar mistakes significant enough that the meaning of the poll/topic is unclear.
• Content created entirely in upper case letters
• Incorrect language: Polls/Topics written in one language but marked as another.
• Content that hasn’t been properly categorized: for example, a poll about movies which is placed in the “Cars & Motors” category
• Junk content: Any poll or topic that has no “real value” – silly questions/gibberish/etc.
• Repetitive content: if the moderators determine that a poll or topic are a variation on a theme which already exists in abundance on the site it might be deleted. In order to avoid this happening to your polls and topics, please follow this simple steps before submitting your content.

Run a search:
Before you create a new poll or topic, use the search function (available on the upper right corner of the site pages) to determine if your question has already been asked. Let’s take a look at the following example: you are about to create a poll about Sachin Tendulkar. Typing “Sachin Tendulkar” and running a search will generate the following results:

As you can see, there are many related polls and topics on the site already. Unless you are about to offer a unique perspective on the subject, the other members of the Toluna community may be reluctant to answer the same question again, which could leave you with a very low number of votes or opinions, or may result in your content being removed by the moderators for these exact reasons.

Review the related content:

When you type in your poll or topic question the system will automatically display a short list of related content:

Review the list before proceeding; you may find that your poll or topic already exist and may decide to modify your question. This will help your content stand out and will ensure a higher number of votes or opinions.

For more information you may find our Tutorial useful.

We look forward to seeing more of your creative polls & opinions on the site. Thanks for being a member of our Community!

Best regards,
The Toluna Team

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