Reels of March

The month of March is a very significant month in the Indian calendar thanks to its diverse celebrations.

This year the festivals kick off during the first week of March with the most popular one: Mahashivratri. The followers and devotees of Supreme body Shiva indulge themselves in selflessness and dedication with a day-long fast and Jagaran for whole night.

On the 8th of March, we all celebrated our femininity with International Women’s Day, which is a day dedicated for women to make themselves feel fashionable and beautiful.

The third week of March includes the spectacular festival of colors, Holi, which will be celebrated on 19-20th March.

Basically, the entire month is full of excitement, festivities, delights, and vitality with a wide spectrum through its gatherings and festivals. Just like our member Kewal has shown, this creates an excellent opportunity to create many polls and opinion topics to share your favorite aspects of this month and see what others have to say!

See you soon on the site!

The Toluna Team

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