What are the Sweepstakes?

Discover the incredible Toluna 250,000 INR Monthly Prize draw!

We have recently become aware that a lot of members are confused about sweepstakes tickets and we would like to describe the process.

The Sweepstakes is like a lottery and a gamble. You redeem 500 points for one ticket and you can have as many tickets as you want. For the first month there is nothing for you to do, as your registration to the website automatically entitles you to a ticket.

Each month the following prizes will be won by 20 lucky ticket holders : 1x 100,000 INR in cash, 1x 50,000 INR in cash , 1x 25,000 INR in cash, 2x 7,500 INR in cash, 3x 5,000 INR gift vouchers, 12x 3,750 INR gift vouchers.

If you’ve converted your points into tickets or if you received tickets for your participation in surveys and would like to check if you are the lucky winner, select “Prize draw winners” from the “Test & rewards menu”. You will be redirected to a page which lists the winners of all the recent Toluna prize draws.

We hope that this has helped clear up any confusion and wish you good luck if you do decide to redeem your points for sweepstakes!

Kind Regards,

The Toluna team

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